Keeping Cool

Remote starters have always been known for their advantages in the winter months, getting your engine up to running temperature and warming the interior. A far greater issue in the Okanagan Valley is the blistering heat in the summer. Don't worry, we have you covered there as well, Your new remote starter from TAC Audio will seamlessly integrate into your vehicle and control your air conditioning system as well.

Remote starters are available for most makes and models. We specialize in remote starters for European vehicles: BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Volkswagen, Audi,

(Some models unavailable at this time.) 

Car Air Conditioning
Looking Out the Car Window


Peace of Mind

We talk a lot about keeping your car safe here at TAC Audio, but let's get right down to it.  We offer a wide range of options for vehicle security, with everything from ignition kill and live GPS tracking options for hot rods and classic cars to motion and shock sensors for your race trailer, We also have custom trigger options for work vehicles with service boxes, and much more.